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Google Adwords Certified Company

Subliminal Pixels Lab is a Certified Google Company. According to Google “Qualified Individuals” and “Qualified Companies” within the Google Advertising Professionals program have met Google’s requirements to attain this level of recognition. They’ve managed client AdWords accounts for at least three months with a minimum spending level; in addition, “Qualified Individuals” have passed the official exam to demonstrate their in-depth knowledge, and “Qualified Companies” have several “Qualified Individuals” on staff. Because achieving “Qualified Individual” or “Qualified Company” status is no easy feat, we reward these professionals with an official program logo and Professional Status page which tout the title.”

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Google Analytics Certified Company

Subliminal Pixels Lab is also a certified Google Analytics IQ company.  Check out these links, for more information on criteria and requirements needed to become a Google Analytics IQ or a Google Analytics  Authorized Consultant.

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Yahoo Search Ambassador

Subliminal Pixels Lab has been a certified Yahoo Search Marketing Ambassador for over 4 years. We manage campaigns across all Yahoo products including PPC, Display Ads, Yahoo Travel and others. For more information, visit this link on the Yahoo Search Ambassador Program

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MSN AdExcellence Company

Subliminal Pixels Lab is also an accredited Microsoft adExcellence company, this means we have 3+ Certified Microsoft adExcellence members in our company. For more information on requirements and guidelines visit the  Microsoft adExcellence company site.

Landing Page Optimization

In addition to all of the major Search Engine certifications, Subliminal Pixels Lab is also certified for Landing Page Optimization and Multi Variate testing.  This means our staff has extensive knowledge and experience to create and test landing pages that will result in the highest possible ROI for our clients.