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Google Launches Google Print (Beta) again?

Google Print was launched sometime ago with little fanfare, and a very clunky interface, focusing on magazines. It was a FLOP! Now, Google has made an attempt at reviving Google Print, with a sleek new interface thats much more usable and accessible. And a renewed focus on newspapers. Below are some screen shots of the latest interface. It literally has almost every newspaper in the US, From the L.A. Times to the New York Times to the Miami Herald and everything in between. Complete with demographic and circulation information on each paper. I can say from experience in print, that the rates are very competitive. In fact on some sizes, the Google rates were cheaper than the rates the Miami Herald was charging, for the exact same size and section. I’m sure the Miami Herald rep isn’t going to be happy!!!!

” Bad enough print sales are down due to that pesky online marketing, now they are  even taking the little business I have left!!! Dam you Goooooooogle!! Dam Youuuuu!”

Google even has a call reporting feature, which allows for tracking of calls in order to calculate accurate conversions and ROI. COOL!


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