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Subliminal Pixels Lab is a Google Certified Internet Marketing firm with over 10 years experience in promoting businesses on the Internet and helping them grow to their fullest potential.

We provide companies just like yours comprehensive Internet marketing solutions, which  help them gain visibility, capture sales and promote their brand across the Internet seamlessly.

Looking For An Internet Marketing Firm You Can Trust?

No matter the size or location of your company, we have the skills, tools and know how to get it done right the first time.

As businesses continue to shift away from traditional media and advertising, companies are turning  to Internet Marketing because of its unique ability to create targeted traffic and provide quantifiable results.

All of our Internet Marketing solutions are tailored specifically to meet your business goals. We understand that choosing the wrong Internet Marketing company for your business can cost you time and money, not to mention give your competitors more time to have an edge on your market.

Internet Marketing is essential to every business in today’s environment, without it, your message  will be lost amidst the billions of pages of online content.

FACT: 97% of Internet users in the US use the Internet to shop.


We understand Internet Marketing is not just about website traffic it’s about building a sustainable business and generating revenue.

Our Internet Marketing solutions are designed to make your website traffic skyrocket with qualified visitors that convert into sales.

But we don’t stop there, we understand that is just the tip of the iceberg. We continuously optimize and develop your marketing campaigns and focus in on the search terms and traffic sources that are bringing you the most sales for the least amount of money.

The result: more and more traffic, year over year, and a constantly improving return on your investment (ROI).

Our team consists of certified Internet Marketing specialists with a wide range of expertise in the various Internet Marketing disciplines. Our team has expertise in Search Engine Optimization, PPC Paid Search, Web Development and Design, Social Media, Email Marketing, Conversion Optimization and User Experience.

Partial List of Internet Marketing Services:

  • SEO
  • Local SEO
  • PPC
  • Email Marketing
  • Social Media
  • Analytics
  • Online Reputation Management
  • Online Public Relations
  • Viral Campaigns
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Content Creation
  • Video Marketing
  • Widget Marketing
  • Press Releases

Don’t take our word for it, ask our clients!

We create Internet Marketing campaigns that get results and our clients can’t agree more! Below you can find one of our many success stories.

Want more? Go to our Testimonials section and find out why our Internet Marketing clients can’t stop singing our praises. Or you can head over to our Case Studies section, and learn how we increased the performance of our clients’ campaigns.

Working with Subliminal Pixels was a blessing. No matter what off the wall concepts or ideas I threw their way, they always came back with an answer on how to get it done. From research and development to PPC campaign implementation, SEO, Video and more. They were stars. From start to finish they designed the D.A.R.E./ Lil’ Divas campaign which pushed 500,000+ units out the door and over 2 Mil in merchandising.

-Juliam Claudio, -Universal Records


Comprehensive Full Service Internet Marketing Solutions

Our Professional Internet Marketing program provides complete integrated marketing solutions, end to end for clients of all sizes.

We leave no stone unturned when creating your campaigns and making sure your business is a success. Contact us to learn more about our full service internet marketing program.

SEO – Search Engine Optimization

We have over 100,000  Listings in Google 1st page for our clients!

Our in-house team of SEO professionals works directly with businesses, marketing departments and Public Relations teams to develop a road map of both on-site and off-site SEO strategy, specific to your business and goals. Our (SEO) Search Engine Optimization services help businesses rank highly on the search engines and generate traffic to their websites that converts into revenue.

We are dedicated to achieving the best search engine results and to only use ethical (Non-Blackhat) techniques which will not get your website banned or blacklisted from Google or any of the other search engines. We focus on sustainable long-term results that turn into sales.

Fact: There are over 300 Million searches per day on Google alone!

PPC Paid Search

We have raised conversions for our Paid Search clients by 78%

Our Paid Search services help businesses maximize their PPC campaigns and drive traffic to their websites that convert into revenue. Pay Per Click Marketing is instant and fully scalable to meet your changing needs. No matter the number of keywords or your budget size we can make your PPC campaign perform better.
Our  PPC team is Google, Yahoo and MSN Certified as PPC Experts. This means that everyone who will be working with you on your PPC campaign will be an expert at understanding how PPC campaigns work and how to continuously make them perform better. Your PPC  team will not only be extremely well prepared to take your campaign to the next level, but also abreast of all of the latest technologies, best practices, and PPC techniques.


We are a Google Analytics certified company that specializes in data-driven user analysis. Our Analytic experts provide insights into website traffic and your marketing campaign effectiveness. Subliminal Pixels analytics work will unlock the power of your marketing data. We will convert your analytics data into actionable knowledge and put it into action to continuously improve your marketing campaigns.

Not all analytics consulting services are the same and analytics can be left to chance. User analytics create a unique opportunity to gather insight into your client’s interaction with your website and marketing campaigns. We know how to use analytics data and turn it into revenue for your business.

Having proper analytics in place and the right team to analyze the data is essential to any marketing campaign because they help reveal what is and is not working with the performance of your website and your marketing campaign.
In addition to our Full Service Analytics services, we offer Google Analytics Support Packages and consulting to guide you through setup and managing of Google Analytics. We also work with the following analytics programs: Omniture, WebTrends, Clicktracks, KISS Metrics, Woopra and more.

  • Data Mining
  • Customer Segmentation
  • Conversion Optimization
  • Google Website Optimizer
  • Landing Page Optimization
  • View more Analytics Services

Social Media

Social media is one of the fastest growing and effective online marketing channels. It helps companies enhance their marketing, PR, and customer interaction. Social Media is also the #1 activity for web users!

Our dedicated team of social media strategists can help create and manage your entire social media marketing campaign. In addition, we offer Social Media training and Social Media consulting services to help businesses maximize their exposure across social media and leverage social media to engage with customers and generate sales.

  • Facebook Ads
  • Facebook Apps
  • Twitter Marketing
  • Twitter
  • View more of our Social Media services

FACT: Facebook has 300 Million Users  sharing 150 million pieces of content per day and 8% of all Internet Traffic

Rich Media (Video, Audio, Images)

Engage your visitors with Rich Media! From Brand Awareness to Direct Response we help clients like you you design and launch Rich Media campaigns which have consistently proven to be the most compelling and effective online.
Subliminal Pixels client benefits from a tight-knit team of specialized professionals who engage with you and your marketing campaigns. We offer a wide array of rich media consulting services. Our team not only has the technical know-how, but also the extensive business experience in areas like video, podcasts, infographics and much more to get the job done right. 

  • You Tube
  • Online Video
  • Podcasting
  • Live Streaming
  • Rich Media Advertising

FACT: “80% of web users have watched a video ad online, 52% took action after viewing the ad. 15% visited the store and 12% made a purchase”

Website Design and Development

Subliminal Pixels Lab has developed  hundreds of websites and user experiences.  We design with marketing best practices as a foundation and develop search engine friendly websites that are designed to convert visitors into paying customers.

Technologies we work with:

  • CSS
  • Flash
  • PHP
  • JavaScript
  • W3C Compliance
  • Google API’s
  • Social Networking sites
  • E-commerce Platforms
  • WordPress
  • CMS Content Management Systems
  • Blogs
  • iPhone apps and Android apps

Stand Alone Internet Marketing Consulting Services

We can help take your internet marketing campaign to the next level by providing the insights and know how necessary to get your business generating revenue online. We understand no two businesses or marketing campaigns require the same strategy or weapons.

Contact us today and discover how we can help your business with Internet Marketing.

Still wondering if Subliminal Pixels is the company to manage your internet marketing campaigns!.

Head on over to our case studies to check out how we have successfully taken our customers campaigns.

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