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Subliminal Pixels Lab has worked with a wide range of clients to help take their online campaigns to the next level.

We’ve worked all the way from stand alone Organic SEO Projects and large PPC campaigns, to a complete integrated online marketing strategy.

*Below is a partial list of  testimonials of clients and companies which we have worked with:

Clauidio Juliam A & R for Royce Records/AOL Time Warner said:

Working with Subliminal Pixels was a blessing. No matter what off the wall concepts or ideas I threw their way, they always came back with an answer on how to get it done. From research and development to PPC campaign implementation to  SEO, they were stars. From start to finish they designed the D.A.R.E./ Lil’ Divas campaign which pushed 500,000+ units out the door and over 2 Mil in merchandising . Thanks- Jules   January 24, 2007

Campaigns: SEO, PPC, RSS, Analytics, Video, and Email

Lazaro Gutierrez of Eflyaway said:

When it comes to Online Marketing, and Search Engine marketing in specific, both Paid and Organic, Subliminal Pixels knows their stuff. Practically in every meeting, they would dazzle us with new relevant, interesting and most importantly, actionable statistics. His suggestions ALWAYS improved our campaigns! They definitely have a natural knack for understanding user behavior both on the search engine side and on the post click side. From PPC, Email, Landing Page or Organic Optimization, I can say that Subliminal Pixels always had good news in the weekly reports and briefings. In the travel industry, one of the most competitive and oldest verticals online, Subliminal, Pixels increased conversions (Air/Hotel Bookings) by up to 350% using PPC.  Additionally, in this changing Web 2.0 environment, Subliminal Pixels designed, developed and implemented an impressive Social Media Marketing campaign, targeting over 250+ websites , gaining over 2500 Inbound text links to our network of travel sites, over 100,000 visitors and 2500 bookings.  August 27, 2009

Campaigns: PPC,  Analytics, Video, Social Media, and Multi-Variant Testing

Jacques Abitan of The Vacation Travel Mart said:

We have worked with various companies, but I LOVE  Subliminal Pixels! They took my PPC campaign and made it profitable.We knew PPC worked, but it was not working for us until Subliminal Pixels toke over the campaigns. Within 60 days we saw a 40% increase in online bookings. I cannot stress how important it is to have a company like them working with you and not against you with your competitors.  August 27, 2007

Campaigns: SEO, PPC,, Analytics, Video, Social Media, and Email

Scott Sill of Swimwear Express + said:

“The team at Subliminal Pixels  is enthusiastic, organized and likes what they do. They are also good collaborators and team players. They have a vast amount of knowledge of the tools available for internet marketing and know how to use them to get the results needed.” July 21, 2008

Top qualities: Expert, Good Value, High Integrity

Campaigns: SEO, PPC, Social Media, Analytics, Blogging

Jiyan Wei Vocus/PRWeb said:

“Manny helped us (PRWeb) launch our paid search campaign that has been a huge success due in large part to his professionalism and expertise. In addition, he has been a constant source of creative ideas on how we can use emerging technologies to improve our presence online. In addition, he is a pleasure to work with.” July 08, 2007

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert

Campaigns: SEO, PPC, RSS, Analytics, Video

Erica Hawthorne of Vocus/PRweb said:

“Manny’s ability to conceptualize, manage and implement online campaigns, particularly within the search, RSS and video areas of online marketing was invaluable to me as the online marketing manager at Vocus. We were a high-demand, continually changing client and Manny was not only able to work within our system, but excel. I would recommend Manny to anyone out there who is looking for a knowledgable, highly competent partner to manage online marketing campaigns.” April 29, 2007

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Good Value

Campaigns: SEO, PPC, RSS, Analytics, Video, Contextual Ad

Rozana Vasserman of Argiz Advertising for Vitaldent said:

“Subliminal Pixels provides good results efficiently and at a reasonable cost. They keep you in the loop and explain each step of the process; great reports, great clarity, great availability and most importantly GREAT RESULTS” April 28, 2008

Top qualities: Expert, Good Value, High Integrity

Campaigns: Social Media, Online Reputation Management

Grace Della, VP of Marketing for + Health Insurance Finders

“I have a deep respect for Manny and the Subliminal Pixels team. They have very strong PPC & SEO skills. Manny, the owner is both personable and an expert in his field. He is reliable, diligent and responsive to deadlines. His positive attitude and personality make him a pleasure to work with. If anyone is looking for an SEM expert, Manny is the person to contract.” October 18, 2009

Top qualities: Expert, Good Value, High Integrity

Campaigns: PPC (Pay Per Click) , Analytics

Camilo Jaime of Budget Auto:

“After spending much time and money searching for results in the world of S.E.O. (Search Engine Optimization). I came to find out that there is a lot of people ready and willing to take advantage as well as your money and provide either no service or very poor service. I was in need of learning how I could overcome these S.E.O. hurdles and do the creative work my self. I began to search high and low and finally found subliminal pixels here in my own back yard. I was pretty skeptical at first but after one meeting in person, I was convinced that his services where necessary. Manny the owner and founder of Subliminal Pixels himself was the one who came to see me. He came in and spoke for a minute about previous work and different areas of expertise and I began to feel at ease, I finally found someone who could guide me down the road to success in S.E.O.. I began to show works that I had already done in PPC & in SEO. He immediately began to idetify problems and began giving advice even before we struck a deal. He quickly recommended we work first on my PPC to lower cost per conversions which we did. After we worked on PPC he then came in and took a more indepth analysis of my past attempts at SEO. He quickly found what was preventing me from advancing in organic ranking and again quickly found a solution. One thing I could definitely say about SEO is that it is an expensive road, and finding the right person from the beginning is crucial. Remember no one knows your business better than you and anyone offering to write content for you will never be better or more informative than what you can write. The money invested into marketing if done right will pay for itself in the short term future. Without SEO on the internet, you are invisible!”

*The testimonials provided on this site are a collection of testimonials from various sources provided by previous clients and companies who we have helped with their Online Marketing efforts over the past 8 years.The sources include LinkedIn and direct email submissions. To verify feel free to check out our Linkedin profile and recommendations on the profile or contact us directly.