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Our Pay Per Click (PPC) management team will provide a methodical and critical eye to all of your PPC campaigns to help identify every available opportunities to increase conversions and decrease costs.

Furthermore, when you sign up with Subliminal Pixels to manage your PPC campaigns, you get much more bang for your buck!

All of our clients not only get a dedicated team of our own in-house, Google Qualified experts, but you also gain access to a team at Google. That’s right! We have a dedicated agency team at Google headquarters which works with us and all of our clients to assure the best possible outcome for them. From competitive research, to search query analysis, to lost impressions reports and copywriting.

Looking for a PPC Company You Can Trust With your Campaigns?

Look no further! Subliminal Pixels Lab is a Google, Yahoo and MSN Qualified company with over 10 years of expert level Paid Search experience.

Do not leave the success of your PPC campaign to chance, the success of your business depends on it. Hire an accomplished company like Subliminal Pixels to make sure you are maximizing every dollar spent on PPC, not wasting it! Below is a breakdown of all of our Pay Per Click (PPC) solutions including both stand alone PPC consulting and full-service PPC management.

Ad Text and Creative Development

Subliminal Pixels Lab has a team of extraordinary copywriters that understand marketing and how to write engaging PPC ad text and creative that convert.

This service is available as a stand alone ad copy service, or as part of our full service PPC management packages.  When writing ads for PPC considering there are other advertisers targeting the same keyword,  it’s imperative that the ad copy grab the searchers attention immediately. Furthermore, it is also important that the ads contain call to actions, the search query and other elements which increase Click Thru rates (CTR) .  Our team will not only make sure all of these important elements are considered, but they will also apply over a decade of PPC management and ad testing experience.

Keyword Research

Our comprehensive keyword research and analysis are backed by over 10 years experience.

This means we understand how PPC works and how to identify the best keywords which will bring the best results. The reality is all traffic is not the same, the wrong keywords can cost you money and sabotage your campaign! Our keyword research services range from standalone “Keyword Research + Discovery” packages to comprehensive Competitive Keyword Analysis. For more information on our keyword research services contact us.


PPC Campaign Development and Management

Our PPC campaign development and management services are designed to help companies take advantage of all of the benefits that PPC marketing has to offer, without all of the hard work on your part.

Our team of PPC experts will work with you on all aspects of the set up and development process, to ensure optimal performance now and down the line. In addition, once the set up is complete and the campaigns launched, your dedicated PPC team leader will coordinate all of the ongoing management and optimization in order to improve Click Thru Rate (CTR), decrease Cost Per Click (CPC) and increase sales, revenue and ROI.

PPC Bid Optimization

We understand the intricacies of PPC bid management and our team of professional PPC experts will help you get the absolute best value for your PPC advertising spend.

Our PPC management services include real time bid analysis and optimization, as well as keyword level ROI analysis and bid adjustments. We use our proprietary Bid Management Tool which was developed in house, to monitors keyword level ROI, CPA goals and Conversion Rates. We then adjust bids accordingly to make sure you re paying the least possible for the most amount of sales and revenue. In addition to our Bid Management software, every campaign is also manually monitored on a daily basis to ensure no errors. To find out more about our PPC Bid Management Services contact us.

PPC Ongoing Analysis and Reporting

PPC is not a one time deal. To get the absolute best value from your PPC campaigns, you must continue to optimize and analyze.

Our ongoing PPC Analysis and Reporting services help provide clients with the data and recommendations necessary to manage the campaign successfully.

PPC Analytics Integration

No PPC campaign is performing at its fullest potential without proper Analytics integration and analysis.

Analytics data provides an inside look at how PPC traffic is interacting and what actions the users are taking on your website.  Be it Google Analytics, Omniture SearchCenter or any of the other analytics programs.  Our certified analytics professionals have over 10 years of experience working with clients to properly set up and integrate their analytics programs with their PPC campaigns.  Some of the metrics we will be analyzing and developing recommendation are: Bounce Rate, Conversion Rate, Click Thru Rates, Cost Per Action, Cannibalization (Vs. Organic Traffic), Long Tail keyword analysis, Time on Site and more.

ROI Reporting

Subliminal Pixels Lab provides in depth ROI reporting to assist in identification of top revenue sources and to provide actionable data to increase your return on investment.

Our reporting and analysis is powered by our comprehensive data gathering, which aggregates all of the paid search and analytics metrics. Our ROI reports will give you easy access to detailed PPC reporting and metrics. Our ROI reporting is available as a stand alone service for existing accounts or as part of full service PPC management solutions.

Full Service PPC Management

Our flagship PPC offering is our Full-Service PPC management solution.

It is designed for companies who want us to manage all of their PPC efforts from start to finish.  Our comprehensive management includes all of our stand alone PPC services as well as a dedicated team of up to 5 PPC experts, who will work directly with you during all phases of your PPC campaign process. These services are for mid to larger companies spending over $10,000/month on their ad budgets.


Quality Score Management

Quality Score is one of the most overlooked factors when optimizing Adwords PPC campaigns.

Yet it influences everything from your actual (CPC) Cost Per Click, to your first page bids to your Ad Rank and position and even if your ad is eligible to show on the search results page. We provide Quality Score optimization services that help to analyze and increase the Quality Scores associated with your keywords and landing pages in your Google Adwords account. Our team will work vigorously to identify causes of low keyword quality scores and identify and implement the changes needed to improve it. For more information about Quality Score services contact us!

PPC Competitive Analysis

Performing a PPC competitive analysis allows you to look “under the hood” of your competitors PPC account.

From identifying their keywords, to monitoring their ad changes to understanding their bidding patterns. Our PPC competitive analysis will give you unparalleled access to your competitions strategy. Understanding your PPC competition gives you an edge in your market. For more information about PPC competitive analysis services contact us!

Conversion Optimization

How would you like to increase your Conversion Rates by 75% or more!

That is what Conversion Optimization can do. Conversion Optimization is the process of building on top of prior statistically significant success data to continue to increase conversions by continuously testing small but important changes to landing pages. In English, that means that we look at what’s working with your landing pages and use that as a basis to develop new pages. We continue to do that process all the while increasing sales and revenue each cycle. Our Conversion Optimization services focus on efficiency by generating more business with less marketing budget and resources.

A/B and Multivariate Testing

With A/B and Multivariate testing we can take an already well-performing landing page or creative and turn it into an exceptional performer.

We have years of experience with developing and testing landing pages and creative that is proven to generate higher conversion rates and that turn into leads and customers. Statistically either you are testing and improving your performance or your competition is. Testing helps you identify what is not working, why your clients are dropping off during the conversion funnel, why visitors are leaving the page, and what graphical elements are performing the best, to name a few. All of this knowledge and our front line experience with testing will give our clients the upper hand in their market. For more information on our Testing services contact us.

Landing Page Optimization

Subliminal Pixels Lab is a certified Landing Page Optimization and Testing company.

We understand that having the right Landing Pages for your PPC campaign is one of the most important factors to achieving your PPC goals. In addition to having user-friendly, transparent and well-designed landing pages, they must also be targeted to the specific keywords and ad groups in your campaign.

But it doesn’t end there, Landing Page Optimization is the science of continually testing and improving the user/ landing page experience to lower bounce rates and increase conversion rates and conversions. From Landing Page development to Landing Page optimization and Testing, our team will guide you through the complete process of landing page development, implementation and testing. In addition, we can help you with set up of Google Website Optimizer, Google’s Free but extremely effective A/B and multivariate testing tool.

Local Paid Search

With Local Paid Search we can help you target your potential customers within your specific area of service and not waste money and resources on areas you do not.

It’s estimated that roughly 65% of all Google searches are local based, that’s good news for local business who understand this and learn to leverage Local PPC to drive foot traffic to their locations and websites.