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Finally the truth about Wikipedia's master plan to take over the world EXPOSED!(Ok maybe not)

Today on NPR, @ 5am, I was jumping up and down in my car. There I was half asleep , going to get my coffee and I heard it. The editor of Wired Magazine doing a piece called Wikipedia Exposed. When I got home CNN, was also running the same piece.

It was fantastic except for one thing. They failed to follow thru by adding that not only is Wikipedia full of Crap, literally, but they are also the #1 result on Google for tons of very important keywords. Making them the defacto authority on ALOT of subjects. What is the outcome? Alot of misinformed people!! I guess we can call them Wiki Nation!

Here is the article:

Here is the Wiki IP Scanner by Virgil Griffith.

Here is a list of Wikipedia users like Chevron, Scientology and the NRA , most salacious edits. From Dell removing customer service issues, to New York Times being edited by The Gaurdian to the New York Times editing Condelezza Rice’s info. This stuff is hilarious.

” Griffith thus downloaded the entire encyclopedia, isolating the XML-based records of anonymous changes and IP addresses. He then correlated those IP addresses with public net-address lookup services such as ARIN, as well as private domain-name data provided by

The result: A database of 34.4 million edits, performed by 2.6 million organizations or individuals ranging from the CIA to Microsoft to Congressional offices, now linked to the edits they or someone at their organization’s net address has made.”

One Response to Finally the truth about Wikipedia's master plan to take over the world EXPOSED!(Ok maybe not)

  1. Martin September 10, 2007 at 2:14 am #

    It’s not really that bad with wikipedia. It just gives an incentive to beat them down the serps with a huge overload of information which beats theirs in every way possible 🙂

    Now, go convince those people with encyclopedias and such to get their stuff online and make people informed! 🙂