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Flix from the Past…

So I a bit ago, Todd M. from (The Best SEO, SMO Blog), in my humble opinion, made a comment that he had appreciated the post Origins of Steaprok. He asked to see some Pix. Well here they are! Pix are ranging from 1987 – 1999  Below are several pictures of “Pieces” me and some other guys from the crew of Graff Writers we had. Whats up! To B.S.K, T.V.C, 7UP, M.O.C., F.S. and all the Miami Graff writers keeping the real elements of Hip Hop alive. If anyone would like to see more on the history of Miami graff please visit this site

At this site you will see over 25,000 more pix and info. For the history of Graff in general please visit this site, This site covers Graff from the entire world, from China, Belarus, Amsterdam, Australia, UK, Japan, Germany and much, much more. Quite an impressive collection of pix.  Also here is a list of all of the top 100 Graff sites.

And  finally here are some more sites and info on the great Henry Chaflant, the first author of the Classic  Subway Art Book, and here is a link to info on the Classic Documentary on Graff: Style Wars



I bring all of this up on my Online Marketing Blog because , as I stated briefly in my previous post, I see S.E.O,  and S.M.M., as natural evolutions of the “Getting Up” mindset.  Graff and “Getting up” was all about marketing, branding , distribution, Competitive analysis and project management. . Who had the most fame, who’s “Tag”, was recognized by everyone and in every street corner?  Who’s tag was synonymous with All City Fame.  In a nutshell, the art of Bombing is no different than an effective Viral or Guerrilla Marketing campaign. Wanna see another natural evolution of Graff!  Street Teams! Anyone, who lives in a metro city, sees the posters plastered across walls, lamp posts, highways, etc.. Thats Graff!

There is a direct correlation between the adrenaline pumping feeling of seeing your “Tag”. scattered throughout the city, and seeing your “Projects” or “sites scattered across the SERPS, of Google, yahoo and MSN.

A natural high, a sense of excitement, a rush!!When I see my work in the SERPS.  Makes me feel good! And I identify and recognize that feeling, it’s the same one I used to feel seeing our newest piece on the side of the expressway. Well, yes I know what some of you are thinking! You are a vandal! or you practice BlackHat SEO, blah blah! Well, #1 I no longer decorate ugly plain walls with beautiful art.. The kids are better off doing that!

And plus, don’t need to get up on walls when  I’m all over Google!!!

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