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Radiohead Inrainbows "revolutionary" album launch, starts with a snag!Their Download Site Crashed

Well there it is. The much heralded Inrainbows release by Radiohead, has started with a big snag. The Radiohead, download site ,  has crashed. Yep! That’s right on the first day of their launch, the first day people are supposed to start downloading the new album, for whatever price they choose, is down. I have been trying for over 3 hours and nothing. I got in once and time out.  The funny thing is in a comment at SEOBook , eoghano  , predicted just that.  And honestly, I balked at it, thinking how would Radiohead allow that to happen. But they did.  Now the question is this. Will this serve as PR for Radiohead and continue the buzz created by their “name the price” album download? or will people get turned off and just “F” the whole process and just download it for free! Either way Ill play the game and continue to try!

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