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A long list of SEO/SEM/PPC Tools.

Ok here’s the logic behind this list, even though there is none.

I started putting together a list of PPC Tools; it then turned into a list of keyword tools, and then a list of SEO/SEM tools. So here it is please use it, there’s tons of stuff. Later I will add more and categorize them.

Any questions please feel free to contact me for consulting or for general information.


SEO Book has a fantastic of tools for keyword research. He has a fantastic site in general. I can’t say enough about how much Aarons SEO Book” helped me when I started. And he has a thorough tools section.

Here is one from my boy Todd, over at… This actually is like 50 great tools by itself. He always outdoes himself; this one link can save your ass. Book mark it, I did!

In fact here’s a full list of his tools. Have fun and use with caution. Highly addictive.

Tools from SEOmoz:

Here’s a list of automated bid management software, I haven’t used any it’s more for informational purposes

Good ole Overture Tool:

Adwords tool:

Keyword Discovery

Ads Blacklist

Live Keyword Analysis


Free WordTracker Tool

Digital Point

Here is another page with a shit load of tools, from PPC Universe

Page with Deals and Coupons for PPC Engines

PPC Glossary

Another link with like 150 tools from SECcompany in

MSN Tools:

(LiveKeyword, trends and a lot of cool stuff)

Google Webmaster

Google Labs

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