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Twitter as a real time newswire?

Today as the Olympic Torch drama was unfolding in San Fransisco, CA  many of those who are passionate about Tibetan human rights issues, but not internet savvy, had to wait for reports on CNN, MSNBC or even worse the local news to be informed.

Others, with a bit more internet prowess, accessed the information via AP , Google News, You Tube or other forms of RSS feeds. But those of us active in the Twittersphere, were receiving updates in real time. Thanks to LaunghingSquid, we had not only Twitter updates, but also videos and pictures

It’s no wonder print is on that horrible decline. With information exchanging at this rabid pace, who the hell is willing to wait a whole day for news? I mean don’t get me wrong, I love to chill on Sundays with my coffee and my NYT. (Yes , I roll like that).

Check out some of the Tweets, Videos and Photos here

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