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Some new , cool tools!!!

Here are 3 cool new tools I found , Enjoy!!!

They are all free for now. So Hurry! Before you get Spyfu’d!

I found the craziedlist site on Digg, it’s incredible!!! Allows for searching on craigslist nationwide all at once!! SSSHHH! Keep it on the low!! I think the guys at CL aren’t to fond of tools like this. I have found it to be an Uber-Timesaver, when it comes to finding info on Craigslist.. Not to mention makes it a breeze to post those wonderful, link funk oozing listings, which to date are responsible for 100+ #1 Google and Yahoo rankings! So glad Craigslist is adding no follows on their links! =) LOL!!!

The following tools are from the same company, SEO Quake!

I use their tool bar, which comes in extremely handy when preparing SEO, competitive analysis reports for clients. The SEO digger, works something like a Keyword research Tool, you can customize parameters, export, etc.

“SerpArchive daily walks through the query base, created by user and stores first 100 results obtained from Google and MSN search engines for each query in the base. SERPs are stored in the form they are displayed to the user. Position, URL, description and Title of the resource are stored for each result. If the SERP has changed then the position changes are displayed and new sites are indicated. In AdSense mode SerpArchive fixes all Google advertisements in queries specified and stores URL and text of advertisement. Information is available from the day when the processing of given search query has begun.”

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