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Google Website Optimizer.

Well, what can I say. I’m very happy about my invitation to Google website optimizer. And let me tell you, I had to beg, borrow and almost steal. Thankfully, I had one of their account reps salivating at the mouth over an campaign which were developing which has a budget of over 250K a month. So, I gave him a very Strong suggestion, that I needed this service to run my campaign properly. And it worked. Here you’ll find excerpts of some of the info available once you log in. contact me for a detailed document with all of the Google Website Optimizer info. Ill be glad to share it with specific people.


Ill be using it for various campaigns and reporting my feedback and results for all. Please keep posted for detailed info on Google Website Optimizer. Also anyone who has used this before, please leave us a comment and give us your feedback.


Google Website Optimizer Screen ShotGoogle Website Optimizer 



One Response to Google Website Optimizer.

  1. Ophir Prusak March 30, 2007 at 3:48 pm #

    I’ve been using Google Website Optimizer for a few months now (since Nov 2006). It’s a great tool, but I think they need to promote more thinking out of the box.

    I just posted an entry with some cool tricks on how to test stuff that most people don’t know GWO can do.